Lynda.com has launched a series of drum recording and mixing videos that we shot at East/West Studios in Hollyood with some fantastic guests

Join me on Lynda.com for a series of videos that we made to help you get some great drum sounds from the ground up.  We cover everything from picking drums, cymbals and microphones to tuning, recording and mixing them as well.  Ross “The Drum Doctor” Garfield and Josh Freese helped me by bringing their immense [...]

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GrammyPro mentor interview with Jim Scott

GRAMMY Pro sat down with GRAMMY-winning producers/engineers/mixers Ryan Hewitt and Jim Scott to get their inside take on some of the most talked about issues in the world of mixing and production. The conversation, which took place at Scott’s very own Plyrz Studios, tackled topics including building a home studio vs. hiring a professional facility, assistant engineers and studio interns, mixing [...]

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Audio Technica hosted an AMA with yours truly at the 2014 AES show in LA. Pictured here with Jeff Simcox of A/T and my guru, Elliot Scheiner

As part of our Ask Me Anything (AMA) series from AES 2014, Ryan sat down with us to answer some questions from the audience and from Twitter. Here are some highlights from his AMA session. READ MORE

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An interview recorded during my time teaching production courses in France in January 2014

The engineers and producers who had the chance to receive a proper education by assisting studio legends may be fewer and fewer, but some of them are really keen to give it back to the new breed of music recording enthusiasts. Ryan Hewitt is definitely one of these super-nice-but-serious engineers who talk about music with [...]

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UAD Tips and Tricks featuring The Avett Brothers’ “February Seven”

This UA Artist Tips & Tricks video gives a first-hand look at the way engineer Ryan Hewitt used an arsenal of UAD Powered Plug-Ins while mixing the song, "February Seven" from The Avett Brothers' latest release, The Carpenter. READ MORE

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Mix Magazine cover story on the recording of The Avett Brothers album “The Carpenter”

“The thing Rick brings to every record he does is that he is a song guy,” Hewitt says. “He doesn’t play guitar, he doesn’t sing, but he’s the mega music fan, and everything revolves around what’s best for the song. With the Avett Brothers, they’re young guys and they’d always gone into a studio and [...]

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Pensado’s Place Episode 79 with Ryan Hewitt

In the 79th episode of Pensado's Place, Dave and Herb are joined by GRAMMY award-winning recording engineer, mixer and producer, Ryan Hewitt. (Alkaline Trio, The Avett Brothers, The Band Perry, Blink-182, Dixie Chicks, Flogging Molly, Joe Cocker, John Frusciante, Matchbox 20, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sheryl Crow, Sum 41, Tom Morello, Tom Petty & the [...]

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I love my Mojave MA-300s!!

Be it instrumental or vocal tracking, the recording process starts with the microphone. As the first element in the engineer’s signal chain, finding the right tool to accurately capture the source is a huge consideration. For producer / engineer Ryan Hewitt, Mojave Audio microphones have become an important part of the recording process and, when [...]

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Vintage King’s “Producer’s Corner”

“My philosophy is that the song informs my methods of recording and mixing, and dictates the sounds we capture in the process," says producer Ryan Hewitt. "I want to be known as a chameleon, working on music that inspires me to try different palettes in order to paint an appropriate sonic picture for the artist’s [...]

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UAD Artist of the Month

Few people are lucky enough to grow up in the music business. Ryan Hewitt had the fortune of being raised in and around recording studios from an early age; the perfect springboard for his career as an in-demand engineer/mixer for bands including the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flogging Molly, the Avett Brothers and Chili Pepper [...]

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